Community Contribution

Community Contribution

Due to the continuing support of our clients, we are able to assist those in need through several great organisations.

        The Smith Family's Sponsorship Program

        In 2013, we committed to sponsoring five disadvantaged Australian students through The Smith Family's Sponsorship Program. Through this program, these students are provided with the essentials to fit in and belong at school, including school uniforms, books and supplies, school excursions and sports activities. They are also provided access to a Learning for Life Worker, who connects them with support and learning opportunities within their community.

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              National Development Projects Department, Full Gospel Churches of Kenya.

              Our main focus for 2012 was to fund food distribution in the drought ravaged parts of Kenya.

              • In the first quarter some 100 households in the Mberee region received food rations for an average of two months. The food items selected were maize flour, beans, rice, cooking fat and salt.
              • 15 students were able to continue their education as a result of our funding.
              • In April - June more than 200 families were helped in the communities of Kanyuambora, Siakago, Kiritiri and Ishiara.
              • For 2012, some 450 families have been assisted with food aid in these same communities.

              'The dry Northern and Eastern Kenya has been experiencing frequent droughts. The last started in 2010 and seems to be ending with the current (October - December 2012) evidently good rains. The impact of the drought was that over 3,700,000 people had to rely on relief food for survival.'

              Nerbert Makunyi, National Development Projects Coordinator, Full Gospel Churches of Kenya.

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                      Kids Outreach International

                      'Kids Outreach International Limited was founded in Australia in 1998 and is an international interdenominational Christian charity and humanitarian aid organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of children throughout the world, particularly focusing on the emerging nations of Eastern Europe and West Asia, and other economically distressed nations.'

                        The organisation's stated mission is:.

                        • Teams for camps and orphanages in Russia, then to Eastern Europe.
                        • Training Russians for kids' ministry.
                        • Development of orphanages.
                        • Christian curriculum in universities.
                        • Anti-human trafficking.
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                                  Fusion Canberra

                                  Office Partners not only contribute to work overseas, but locally as well through Fusion Canberra.

                                  The wide ranging community work undertaken by Fusion includes:.

                                  • High school chaplaincy services.
                                  • Breakout youth adventure day trips.
                                  • High school breakfast clubs.
                                  • Skills training programs.
                                  • Community connections through second hand clothing stores.
                                  • And many other projects.

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